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21 / creative + stylist + model / east bay, ca


My favorite find of 2017 was coming across a real life earth angel.  To me, Mariah aka @lil.mymy embodies true style from her jaw dropping taste in fashion, playful accessories, vibrant hair color, down to her shoes that you wouldn't mind walking all over you.  With a growing follower base of 13.5k, she is as real as real gets- no phony persona or photoshop tricks to mislead you of her natural ability to stop you in your tracks.

Naturally, bad bitches always link up and catching up with @lil.mymy was a treat.  We spent the day in beautiful San Francisco to capture her essence in a photoset you can view when you click the button below.

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What do you do?

I am a stylist & model. My day job is a Production Assistant at Chairish, a home décor website.  My true passion is working with clothes and eventually designing my own label. 


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In 7 words or less, describe your style.

Cheap... But make it fashion.


What’s your most recent must have?

Well-tailored garments, detailed fabrics with simple silhouettes, bratz boots, and the puffy-er the jacket the better.


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What is your earliest fashion memory?

My earliest fashion memory would probably have to be in 3rd grade. I was in my room for HOURS trying to find the perfect fit for my school field trip we were going on the next day. I was freaking out because I didn't have any new clothes to pull looks. I started crying and my grandma bought me a new fit from Mervyns:-) Always been a diva.


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What is your closet comprised of?

A whooole lot of rare shit. I feel like everyone thinks that about their closet though. I love thrifting / shopping online for vintage deadstock items. I don't like having what everyone else has on or what's "trendy". But honestly I'd say about 85% of the garments in my closet I got for less than $10 because I'm so cheap lolz. I do splurge every once in awhile on designer if its worth it. Also I have enough jackets to last me the entire winter rotation without repetition. I have a problem. 


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Were you naughty or nice this year? :P

Bitch I was TOO nice this year... 2017 was such a crazy horrible year for me. 2018 coming naughty with no fucks to give like I should have been doing.


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How does your upbringing reflect in your style today?

I grew up with having a single mother and not a lot of money, but I always loved clothes. It taught me to work with what you got and has turned me into a complete thrift goddess.


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Where do you go or what do you do to get inspired?

Social media is the easiest way to find inspiration. I always have my phone in my hand, as most of our generation does. So while I'm scrolling on Insta I pin all the cool shit to go back later and make mood boards or draw inspo from. Also, I get inspired from anything. If I see a granny walking down the street and her fit fye, best believe I'm going to re-create it.


What are you currently listening to?

Female artists!! I'm into allll types of music, but lately ive been drawn to listening mostly to women rappers, singers and spoken word. I love me some Rico Nasty, Tommy Genesis, Abra, Ms. Nina, La Goony & Bootychaain, Jorja Smith, Kelela, Fergie and Gwen. The list goes on. When I'm in the turn-up mood I turn on an electronic mix / track on soundcloud too.


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What are you drawn to first when shopping?

SHOES! Always got to hit up the shoe racks before I even scope out the clothing. Also I'm a crazy Jacket fanatic. A definite 1/3 of my entire closet is jackets for some reason I cannot say no to good outerwear.


Do you find it easy to collaborate with other creatives in the Bay Area who really understand your vision?

Yeah! I mean, you'll always run into people who "fuck with your vision" no matter where you are.  One of my fav teams to work with was def my shoot with you @thetigerhour and Dre @dre.x.criatura!  Its all about the energy people put out and how well you vibe in order to get your vision on 100.


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Put us on to who you’re currently stalking.

Wow, I'm the biggest Instagram stalker ever. This is probably my favorite question I could go on forever but let me keep it to my current favs!

@rico__nasty; a female rapper. HUGE hair inspo and her music tunes my into my inner bad bitch.

@melovemealot ; Model / artist. She is just next level asf. Photoshop alien queen.

@uglyworldwide; Model. If you don't already follow her.... Get a grip ok.

@erikabowes; Aesthetic, aesthetic, AESTHETIC! Everything.

@internetgirl; To keep up on the latest and greatest thrift finds.


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How do you dress yourself on days you can do everything you wanna do?

How I dress honestly just depends on the mood I wake up in, as anyone does. 

Dressing up and being extra always improves my mood.


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Where are your top dream destinations and why? 

I have not been able to travel out of the country yet! I just bought my ticket to Tokyo in February that I am SO psyched about because Japan has always been #1 on my travel list. I'm planning to hit the East coast soon as well.


What do you think are some of the differences in fashion styles between east and west?

I think the main style difference between the coasts are the weather. Cali you can literally wear hoe fits year round comfortably (which I love) but New York in the winter.... BRICK

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